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How Much Do You Budget for Marketing Communications?

How much should we plan to spend on marketing communications? This question arises often among clients and prospects. Of course, there is data to support various decisions, but the most common recommendation is 10 percent of gross income.

How Will Your Company Communicate in a Crisis?

This is the question many business leaders asked themselves after the Pulse Orlando nightclub shooting. That night, someone with the club had the presence of mind to post this Facebook warning within minutes of the initial shots: Everyone get out of pulse and keep running.

Cut Your Marketing Clutter and Capture New Business

by Susan Carol So many choices, so little time. Organizations of all sizes are grappling with an avalanche of marketing options, potential tactics, and new channels, while also being mindful of constraints on time and resources. To generate awareness of their brand or...

Is Content Marketing Really A New Concept?

by Susan Carol Digital content is where the action is—illuminated with the recent news of Amazon’s purchase of The Washington Post. Because so many consumers obtain news and information through Internet channels, print publications of all types are losing value and a...