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The Media

  By Susan Carol It is disturbing when people refer to “The Media” as if it is a single entity or institution. Media is a broad generic term referring to professional free lancers and journalists dedicated to reporting the truth as may be possible to obtain. The...

Don’t Just Sell. Influence.

Don’t just sell. Influence. Content marketing helps cut through the clutter of information, and measuring results provides valuable information for adjustments in digital marketing campaigns.

Digital PR in 2017 Must Create Both Personality and Credibility

Public relations professionals are re-inventing themselves if they’re still in business, but their core strength as storytellers and their ability to help shape a client’s image as a thought leader will carry them through changing expectations. PR has the power to...

How Much Do You Budget for Marketing Communications?

How much should we plan to spend on marketing communications? This question arises often among clients and prospects. Of course, there is data to support various decisions, but the most common recommendation is 10 percent of gross income.