By June Padgett

red-crossDesign trends can be curious. What drives them? How much should design trends influence our own design decisions? It is helpful to be aware of what is going on around us, to know what is catching the attention of the collective audience at any given time. Here are some design trends that I have been noticing recently.

Simplicity and Quick Story Telling

With the overload of visual stimulus surrounding us, designers are embracing a new simplicity in graphic design. This calculated restraint is evident in these examples, where a few well-chosen words, paired with powerful imagery quickly and memorably tell the story.

Notice in these examples how clever use of negative space adds depth of meaning and packs visual punch.





The Unexpected

An unexpected image grabs attention. What does a watermelon have to do with wireless products?

How does this magazine cover challenge the norm in today’s world?

Seeing things differently helps us grow. A simple change in perspective is sometimes all that is needed to move us from a place of comfort and stagnation. Graphic designers are using unexpected images more than ever to bring about a shift in perception and advance us beyond our limited understanding.

Bold Colors and Typography

Muted, subtle color palettes have given way to bold, saturated, vibrant colors. Bright neons are in. Also look out for big, bold type that creates drama through size, color and arrangement. Typography is not just a means to communicate words, it is also an art form that makes an impactful statement.

Personal and Custom Images

Gone is the look of staged stock photography. Today we want our projects to be more personal. We want our branding elements to be unique to our company. Designers are responding with distinctive solutions including custom illustrations and photography. And stock photos are no longer perfectly retouched. Today’s audience prefers “real” people who look more like us.

By being aware of the shifts going on in the arena of visual communication, we can make more informed decisions regarding our own marketing efforts. What changes are you noticing in your world?