Public relations professionals are re-inventing themselves if they’re still in business, but their core strength as storytellers and their ability to help shape a client’s image as a thought leader will carry them through changing expectations. PR has the power to foster credibility as well as guard and boost company reputations. That may not be measurable in “likes” and “re-tweets,” but it goes a long way in building trust and fostering relationships that can last a lifetime.

Content marketing became a common buzzword in recent years, but content creation that leads to earned media exposure, not sponsored content—whether print or digital—
is far more valuable than a post. In social media “impressions” are fleeting and trust limited.

Good PR is creative, persuasive, substantial and based on research and communications quality. That is often lacking in posting content created hastily or automated to meet social media metrics. Digital PR is the same as traditional PR except that it is more visual and succinct. Nevertheless, it should have some substance that creates credibility as well as personality. It will have value to the receiver.

Putting personality into communications is fine as long as the content can be supported with facts. Professional PR consultants will steer away from fluff, because content that earns a place with real news tells a real story that touches real people. That same content is also good for social media.

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